Wayne Sullivan chats to Jacks Kitchen | Hot 20 Questions

Wayne Sullivan Hot 20 Questions

“I would be Marcus Wareing’s sous chef all day long!”

Master Chef semi finalist Wayne Sullivan takes 20 minutes out of his busy schedule to get down and dirty with Jacks Kitchen and talks about his fondness for pot noodles, Ironman and how he would love to cook for his grandparents!

JK Best thing about living in the Cotswolds?

WS The quality and consistency of the produce available is second to none, it’s also a very inspiring place to work as always something coming in to season to keep menus fresh and dishes inventive.

JK Who sticks out as your favourite local food supplier?

WS We use a local grower called Alan Cox for our kale, asparagus and berries during the summer, delivered by Alan himself who’d just harvested the particular item for us 30 mins earlier on his farm, freshness personified.

JK Fave gadget in the kitchen?

WS Fave gadget is without doubt my vac pac machines, not just for keeping ingredients fresh but also for imparting flavour on ingredients, love it!

JK Any guilty food pleasure?

WS Love me a pot noodle or super noodles.

JK Rich or healthy?

WS Healthy all the way, can’t buy health.

JK 3 Ingredients you couldn’t live without in the kitchen?

WS Smoked salt/butter/eggs

JK If you could cook a meal for anyone, what would it be and who for?

WS I’d love to cook for my grandparents on my mothers side, both passed away quite early in to my career and it’d be an honour to show them how far I’ve come from the lad that used to cook pasty pie with my Nan on a sunday night.

JK What don’t people know about you that you wish people did?

WS I don’t like all the high end exclusive foods that chefs are supposed to like… Keep the truffle away! Asparagus? yeah, great ingredient but hate eating it!

JK Who makes you laugh the most on twitter?

WS @Marco_p_shite is hilarious, close to the knuckle sometimes but he’s a chef, expected!

JK Which words or phrases do you most overuse in the kitchen?

WS Backs! “Take care of your fridge and your fridge will take care of you” is a must! “It’s a kitchen, even ice is hot” when someone picks a pan up that they should know is hot…

JK Fave British food?

WS Fish, chips & curry sauce.

JK Fave tipple after a Saturday nights service? 

WS I don’t really drink and I have to drive to and from work anyway so a double espresso is usually the order for me

JK Fave super hero?

WS Iron man … all day long!

JK Go back in time or forward in time?

WS Neither, mistakes have been made but I wouldn’t be the person I am without having to have learned from them. Equally, I don’t want to see what the future holds as you can’t change it, really…

JK What was it like to be behind the scenes of Masterchef?

WS Behind the scenes at Masterchef was mental, never made proper friends so quickly in my life, everyone in the same boat and all there for the same thing, it stopped feeling like a competition and just a group of mates cooking top notch food.

JK If you had a choice; Monica Galetti’s or Marcus Wareing’s sous chef?

WS Oh, Marcus’ sous all day long, his style of food is something I’ve aspired to for a long time, but then Mon was more “coachy” with me rather than Marcus all seeing eyes looking but not saying anything.

JK Any advice for any young budding chefs out there thinking about going into the catering industry?

WS Don’t think, just do. Write everything down, even if you think it’s irrelevant, the person telling you something is saying it for a reason. Don’t worry about the social life, it will come later, as long as you don’t have kids.

JK What has been your biggest achievement in your career to date?

WS Easily finishing 8th on Masterchef the Professionals!

JK When you have time to eat out in-between juggling a head chef role and being a family man, where do you go?

WS Koj and Fat Toni’s. Anywhere I can relax while eating, as much as I love fine food, sometimes I just wanna eat and not analyse what’s on the plate and how it’s been made and If I can learn from it *laughs*.

JK Any more exciting adventures in the near future?

WS Yes watch this space!


Team Jacks love Wayne and wish him the best of luck with the new job.

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