Jacks Kitchen’s top 5 pizzas

Pizzas – Jacks Kitchen’s top 5!

There is much to be said about the perfect pizza. What makes the perfect pizza?
I mean take the mother country Italy for example they have so many variations from the god father Naples Neapolitan pizza with its soupy centre and charred thick crust to Romas rectangular pizza and Sicilys fluffy spongy pizza.
Then jump back to the UK and I don’t think we are too far behind the birthplace Italy.We left London just over a year ago for Cheltenham, having spent 20 years in Islington and Brixton and 20 years eating some of the capitals best pizzas with a waist size to prove it!

1 Mama D’s Pizza – Cheltenham

May 2017 Mama D’s Pizza launched their mobile pizzeria in the Cotswolds. We’ve found a pizza gem that is worth it’s weight in crust. 
Mama D’s are based in Cheltenham. They have the funkiest branding and a banging sourdough crust on their pizzas to match. Their pizzas are stunningly good. Their dough is fermented for 60 hours, all their ingredients are shipped over from the pizza motherland and mix that up with wicked pizzaiolo skill, music and good times, they are the champions in our eyes. 

“Cotswold slice of the Neapolitan revolution”

Book them for your party or wedding!


Pizza Pilgrims – London

We met James and Tom back in 2012 at Camp Bestival, we were helping serve The Rib Man Marks ribs and his holy fuck sauce, damn I love that stuff. I remember my first bite of their Margarita. Just the right balance of chewy, soft and fluffy base with san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte cheese, basil and extra virgin. 90 second blast in their wood fired oven and their she was, a thing of beauty. It took me right back to family holidays in Italy. I literally lived and breathed pizza every year for 2 weeks. Who said being a kid sucked. Pizza Pilgrims have come a long way since their pop up in Soho and Camp Bestival, they have pizza joints all over London town including Soho, Shoreditch, Covent Garden and their new pizza playground in West India Quay which has just opened. If your in town GO!

Our fave pizza pilgrims pizza – Nduja

Firezza – London

Gone are the days that you open up your bottom kitchen drawer and pull out greasy fingered takeaway leaflets. The website has every blogger known to man sharing their weird and wonderful foodie discoveries and so that is what led me to come across Firezza pizza delivery in London. It was the middle of winter and Alex, Jack and I were no way going out. Firezza are mainly delivery (they have 1 restaurant in Soho). They rock up on their scooters with 1/2 metre pizzas on the back. They are the next best thing to being stood at Kerb or Street Feast. Sourdough bases, tangy tomato, buffalo mozzarella and so many different toppings your spoilt for choice. Get a banoffee pie too they are dirty!

Our fave firezza pizza – Buffalo Salami & Buffalo Mozzarella

Wood Fire & Smoke – Cheshire

Having a northern sole I couldn’t do a cheeky pizza blog and not mention one of my fave pizzas north of Watford gap. So who are they and where can we chow down on these neapolitan pizzas you say?
Let me introduce you to Rick the pizzaiolo behind Wood Fire & Smoke based in Cheshire. Rick makes authentic wood fired neapolitan pizzas. He proves his dough for 36 hours, uses san marzano tomatoes grown around the volcanic hills of naples and supports all his local suppliers where possible. The pizzas are as good as I’ve eaten anywhere in the capital. They are fired with heart and soul and have the obligatory leopard spot crust. Wood Fire & Smoke are fully mobile and will cater for any wedding, large party, birthday, corporate you name it or check him out at Makers Market Manchester.

Our fave wood smoke & fire pizza – Pizza Bianca with Nduja and honey

Bottle of Sauce – Cheltenham

So 10 months into leaving the capital and moving to Cheltenham and we still hadn’t eaten any pizza worth it’s crust. My problem is I have been spoilt. Spending my summers as a kid in Italy and living in London with some of the finest pizza street food, Cheltenham had nothing to offer until *music please* Bottle of Sauce opened it’s doors November 2016. Hallelujah. We were there in a heart beat and I was kinda spoilt for choice. Whilst the mrs and Jack chowed down on burgers, wings and truffled fries (equally as good!) I waited with baited breath for my pizza. I’d ordered the Margherita, I wanted pure unadulterated neapolitan heaven and it didn’t disappoint. The base was gorgeous, they prove their dough for 48 hours, you could taste it! The fior di latte had melted into each other and the tomatoes were the authentic san marzano and basil torn and thrown on. It was good. But then mix that with the whole setting – the craft ales, the open kitchen showing off their neapolitan pizza oven, the friendly staff, the graffiti style walls, the whole urban vibe to the pub just made me feel like I was having my London fix. I even spent my birthday their! They always make a fuss of Jack our little boy and even have a kids menu. We just love the place and if we are not eating in we’re taking a cheeky pizza out and apparently we can now get our pizzas delivered through deliveroo. Bellisimo!

Our fave bottle of sauce pizza – Salami get this straight