Suzi Lawrence chats to Jacks Kitchen | Hot 20 Questions

Suzi Lawrence Hot 20 Questions


“Jimi Hendrix would’ve been amazing to photograph!”


Freelance photographer Suzi Lawrence takes 20 minutes out of her busy schedule to get down and dirty with Jacks Kitchen and talks about her fondness for the family cat Mr Bobbin’s, juggling her successful business with motherhood and how the costa sisters videographers inspire her!


JK Best thing about living in the Cotswolds?

SL All the countryside surrounding us. I love stomping around in wellies. It’s good for the soul.

JK Where did you train to be a photographer?

SL I went to Plymouth College of Art and Design as I wanted to be by the sea, not being very wordly wise or any good at geography I hadn’t realised it’s a giant, grey city with no beaches.

JK What’s in your handbag?

SL Always snacks, possibly a dinosaur or fire engine? If I’m working and pretty much as a rule in life I like to be prepared, I have back up kit, tissues for crying brides/grooms/guests, all kind of wedding day kit…mini sewing kit which was used to sew a bridesmaid into her dress once, scissors for all those labels on wedding day veils/underwear/shoes etc etc,. Bubbles, sweets (kids at weddings) and lipsalve and wet wipes!

JK Who inspires you on the photography scene?

SL There are so many amazing wedding photographers, I love @devlinphotos and videographers @thecostasisters but also the genius storytelling of Annie Leibovitz and I find inspiration in all walks of art and design and also in people, I quite often spot people who I’d love to photograph, tell their story, see what they’re all about.

JK What was your most embarrassing moment?

SL Far too many. Far too often. Accidentally attaching a pair of knickers to my long bobbly scarf once and then walking to work through town before noticing!

JK How do you juggle running a successful business and motherhood?

SL With help and planning. I have an amazing husband. He is super supportive and totally gets that this job means the world to me. And so do our boys. My family, especially my Mum, help a lot too. But I try to keep my two roles quite separate so I don’t slip my focus on either.

JK What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

SL He’s not naturally a romantic chap. But he’s a bloody lovely human. He did propose in Venice which was very romantic and not at all the cheesy cliché it might’ve been. But I feel with two busy boys and our work that any time together just the two of us now feels pretty romantic, even a trip to B&Q if we get to hold hands together!

JK Wait a minute, who photographed your wedding?

SL My amazing friend Vikki (Vikki Kelly Photography), we worked together for years, in my first proper photography job, she’s such a laugh, great at what she does and knowing her and her work we just felt so relaxed, it’s important to feel in safe hands on your wedding day.

JK Night off, babysitter booked where are you going and who with?

SL OOOOhhhhh tricky one, either out with the girls for fizz, cocktails and possibly some silly dancing or out for a Thai meal with Mr Lawrence, I always mean to go to other restaurants but I just LOVE thai food.

JK Person you would most like to photograph?

SL Great question. I think someone with sass and a great wardrobe, so maybe Beyonce, Queen Elizabeth I, she was pretty feisty. Jimi Hendrix would’ve been amazing to photograph. Or if time travel was an option then my Mum back in the swinging 60’s, she had long, dark hair, that she used to iron (with an actual iron!!!) and did a bit of modelling and was very bohemian. Anyone with a strong look or a ‘presence’ like Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, she’d also be really great to capture.

JK Guiltiest pleasure?

SL Peanut butter on toast WITH BUTTER! Haha! Oh the usual, trash tv, frazzles, wine, asti even (!) and a bit of University Challenge, I love a geek!

JK Gin & tonic or glass of wine?

SL Can I alternate between the two?

JK Most memorable wedding you have had the pleasure of photographing?

SL I’ve been lucky enough to photograph quite a few friends weddings and they’re always really special. I think my cousins was pretty memorable, not least because she wore a wedding dress my Aunty made from an old pair of curtains and totally carried it off!

JK Favourite instagramer?

SL I do like Kat from @rocknrollbride and have followed her for years, also there’s a lady that creates fashion model poses but with her normal body and around her house…she’s amazing, hilarious!

JK What’s the worst joke you have ever heard in a best man’s speech?

SL The Best Men speeches that I remember have always been pretty rude, the worst joke, a pretty lame one that dos make me smile… “it’s been an emotional day, even the cake’s in tiers/tears” ha! My Dad told that one in his speech!

JK Most treasured possession?

SL Mr Bobbins my amazing lion furball of a cat! Does that count as a ‘possession’? He’s gorgeous but can turn so has an element of danger!

JK Your top 3 venues in the Cotswolds where you have been the photographer?

SL This is a tough one, as we are so spoilt here. I love anywhere where you can be outside, ideally for the ceremony but aside from that Elmore Court is stunning, Lodge Park and the Roccoco Gardens. Also the Orangery and inside courtyard space at Tortworth Court are gorgeous too.

JK Greatest Achievement?

SL My boys. (That includes husband and cat).
And I do feel proud that I have a job I love so much, we were told at Uni that only 1 out of 30 of us would actually make it as a professional as it’s so competitive, I think that’s negative and not quite true but am always thankful that I got this far!

JK Who would play you in the film of your life?

SL Well, Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) and I share a name, but that’s about all we do have in common! I’ve been told I look like Samatha Janus a fair few times, originally from ‘Game On’ but now better known for being Ronnie (or Roxy, I’m not sure) from Eastenders (a lot less Hollywood)!

JK Any hopes, plans for future?

SL I have lists of hopes, plans and constant ideas. I’m very excited by the recent news that laws might change around getting married outside, which would be really creatively exciting. There’s always new venues, new couples and new suppliers (like the totally awesome Jacks Kitchen) to work with and meet so long may that continue!

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