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Mama Makes Uk HOT 20 Questions:

“My response to Pete proposing to me – Danny Dyer just said my name!”

Mum to super heroes Sid the kid and Ralph with another due in December, god help her! Jacks Kitchen got down and dirty with Nareece whilst she talked about being locked in Harrods, her life long crush on Danny Dyer and Ben Murphy her fave chef!

JK Best thing about living in London?

MM The diversity of the city. I love being around so many different cultures, languages and people from all walks of life. I grew up in a tiny village in Lincolnshire

JK Fave tune at the moment?

MM Beyonce ‘Hold Up’ – All hail queen Bey.

JK If you had to be locked in a building in London overnight, which would it be?

MM Harrods! My all time favourite shop. Food, clothes and shoes all in one place. I would dress up in McQueen and eat like a king.

JK Rich or healthy?

MM Healthy for sure! I’ve never been rich and probably never will be so you can’t miss what you don’t have!

JK 3 items you couldn’t live without?

MM Wet wipes, rose turkish delight and my phone.

JK Biggest extravagance?

MM My house – it’s an extremely petite London terrace but cost us a fortune in buying and renovating it over the last three years.

JK Fave London discoveries?

MM Beige Bake, Brick Lane! YUM!!!

JK Have you ever watched a film and it changed your life? If so, which one and why?

MM The film ‘Kids’ watched whilst at Uni and it changed my outlook on sex – everyone should have to watch this film before becoming sexually active! My main aim now after having kids is to make sure they are safe when sexually active! I will be that crazy mum wanting to talk all things sexual with my kids and handing out condoms.

JK Gin & Tonic or Glass of Wine?

MM Gin & Tonic for sure! After this baby pops out i want it on a IV drip but has to be Tanqueray 10! I recently discovered Hibiscus tonic on a trip to Lisbon but yet to find it in a supermarket in this country. Any ideas??

JK Do you nick the smells from a hotel?

MM No but my husband does. He’s totally tight and likes to get his moneys worth.

JK Best piece of advice you have been given? 

MM Work to live don’t live to work – although i only realised how important this was after having my own child.

JK Fave British actress?

MM Julie Walters – LOVE everything she has ever been in.

JK Last song you downloaded?

MM Drake – One dance

JK Indian or Thai Food?

MM Thai food. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

JK Most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

MM Oooooooo toughy! His proposal was pretty special i am a gigantic Danny Dyer fan .. HUGE! For his proposal he tracked down Mr Dyer and got him to make a video to propose to me. My response to will you marry me whilst he was down on one knee was “DANNY DYER JUST SAID MY NAME!!!!”

JK Best meal you have ever had?

MM The Woodford in South Woodford led by Chef Ben Murphy. Amazing new Restaurant that opened at the beginning of the year and walking distance to the house. The food is incredible! I love everything about it, the food, ambience, cocktails, service. It is fine dining at it’s best.

JK Fave superhero?

MM Deadpool!

JK Go back in time or forward in time?

MM Go back and relive the madness again – but i would not change a thing.

JK Fave blogger?

MM The unmumsy mum makes me feel so much less inadequate as a parent and gives me a bloody good laugh.

JK On your blog you talk of your mum with so much warmth. With her birthday looming, what did you treat her to?

MM Sent her flowers to work, thought i would win the best child prize however so did my brother (he is renowned for being very last minute and unorganised) and he added on chocolates so i looked equally unorganised and cheap!

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