Dexter Beef Stew with Phoenix Porter

Dexter Beef & Phoenix Porter Stew

Delicious with tewkesbury mustard dumplings!

With our ‘Stew & Dumpling’ Pop-Up approaching on Friday 1st December 2017. I decided to share our wicked stew recipe. We have used Unity Brewery’s Phoenix Porter, as an alternative you can use any dark ale including Guinness!

You’ll see my recipe featured in Henderson’s Cookbook which was released a few years back! I’ve adjusted it a little for this cheeky number to do at home!

For my recipe only the best beef will do, call me a beef geek, but only that gorgeous rarebreed cow Mr Dexter will do for us! 100% fed on grass the beef is packed with flavour, tender, sweet with fantastic fat marbling! Try Todenham Manor they specialise in quality outdoor beef. Of course if your butchers don’t have Dexter just get a good quality beef – ask the butcher to dice it off the bone for you, into big chunks! For that smokey depth of flavour we use Gloucester Old Spot streaky bacon which we source from Mark our butcher who runs Steve & Pam’s Burley Fields Lake Farm Shop. They rear their own pigs, deer, lamb and goat and are exceptional.

Best served with Champ, Colcannon Potatoes or Dumplings!
Serves 6

Recipe – Ingredients
1kg Dexter Shin of Beef
1 x Bottle of Phoenix Porter
A few glugs of Hendersons Relish (alternatively Worcestershire Sauce)
50g Beef Dripping or veg/olive oil
2 Cloves of Garlic crushed
1 Tbsp tomato puree
1 x Cube Knorr chicken stock cube
2 x Onion sliced chunky
8 x Carrots chopped chunky
1 x Swede chopped chunky
4 x Celery Sticks sliced chunky
Handful of Button Mushrooms quartered
Seasoned Plain Flour for dusting
2 x Sprigs Fresh Thyme
2 x Gloucester Old Spot Smoky Streaky Bacon Rashers cut into lardons
1 x large Frying Pan
1 x Casserole Pan with lid

Night before ….
Dice the shin up into large pieces or ask the butcher to do it! Marinade the shin beef with the Hendersons Relish (worcestershire sauce alternatively) overnight in the fridge.
Next day take the meat out of the fridge an hour or so before cooking. Drain it, keep the left over liquor (it’s flavour!!)

First PRE HEAT your oven 160c

Now start prepping all your veggies
1. Peel your onions and slice them
2. Peel your carrots, slice them up 1-2″
3. Same for the swede, peel the swede and cube it into roughly 1″ dice.
4. Slice the celery up into chunky 1-2″ pieces.
**Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect**
5. Quarter your mushrooms (into 4)
6. Slice the bacon rashers nice and thinly.
7. Crush your garlic, now the best way to do this is on a chopping board with a sharp cooks knife. Peel the garlic. Then roughly chop it. THEN get a pinch of salt and sprinkle over the chopped garlic. This will start to break it down. Pick up your knife and on it’s side and in a scraping motion towards you pressing down on the board – this will turn the garlic into a paste!
8. 1/4 bag of plain flour into a bowl, add a generous amount of salt and papper. This is your seasoned flour.

Time to cook
-Grab a large non stick frying pan & heat it up, add the beef dripping.
-Make sure that pan is HOT HOT HOT and starting to smoke THEN dunk your beef into the seasoned flour and brown it off in batches.
-When it’s almost there crumble the chicken knorr cube all over the beef. Leave another minute…TRUST ME!

**If the meat sticks, leave it until it releases, (your pan wasn’t hot enough) just leave it to build up a really tasty brown crust around the meat. This maximizes flavour.

**Don’t overfill the pan, you might have to do the meat in batches

-Once the meat is crusty brown pop it all into the casserole pan with the carrot, swede, celery and thyme to the casserole pan too.
-Add another splash of oil/dripping into the frying pan and brown off the bacon, onion & garlic. Season!
-After 2-3 minutes add the tomato puree and and cook it out for 1-2 minutes. The tomato puree will darken.
-Crack that can of Guinness open and add half the can of Guinness and with your wooden spoon, scrape all the pan getting all the flavour into the liquor.
-Pour this all into the casserole pan.
-Pour the left over guinness and hendersons in too.
– Your almost done top it up with water until everything in the casserole is JUST covered.

Bring the casserole pan to the boil. Taste for seasoning.

Place a lid on, or tin foil and place into the pre heated oven at 160c for 3 hours or until tender.

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